Friday, February 11, 2011

Thank you message from MESS

The following is an email we received from MESS expressing their thanks
for the support:
First, I want to thank each one of you for your support. Since we met you friends,we never stop making progress, with your support we have inaugurated the office of MESS we have done a big step I send you some pictures to how was the event. All the members were happy, and other authorities of the town like the Mayor the dean of the law facuty of Jacmel who were, encouraged us to continue and to be careful. Right now we are working on diffrent projects (Project center cybernetics and computer training office for pupils and students) Cholera,and all our objectifs.

The photos are from their office grand opening.

December Fundraiser Success!

We would like to thank those who helped us reach our goal of $3000
to secure MESS an office space in December. MESS also extends their gratitude
to those who donated.
MESS signed a year-long lease for an office in Central Jacmel for $1520
per year with the remainder being used to set up the office space
with furniture and various other office supplies.
Please get in touch if you can donate any office supplies and digital media equipment
such as computers, printers and scanners.
They are now working to set up their cholera prevention campaign and computer literacy classes
after the office fully functional. With their office space, they can now finally
begin the organization's legalization process which in turn would open up
many more opportunities to funding and collaboration.

Thanks again!
~Ivy Jeanne