Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Days

So I have to talk about my great day yesterday. I took a break from the work I was doing to head over to the beach and do some reading. On the way to the beach I stopped off at a futball/soccer game on the street, watched that for a while and talked with some local kids. But when I turned the corner onto the sand of the beach I saw that for almost a mile up the beach there was soccer match after soccer match being played at the backside of the sand. One ball came dashing towards the ocean after a faulty kick and I got to save the day and catch it before it hit the water and throw it back.

Slowly I walked up the beach watching each game for a minute. The lighting was perfect you could have filmed a cinematic masterpiece. The sun was going down over the mountain range that jets into the ocean to the west and south was the expansive ocean North were the soccer matches and East was another mountain range filled with some homes and a huge trash fire on the beach, ready to light up the beach as sunset quickly approached. Of course burning garbage is kind of gross, but huge fires on the beach are a pleasing site. Beneath me were the black sands and smoothed stones, and curling sea snail shells that line the city beach. Pigs and dogs roamed around digging around for something to eat, and lovers sat together loving each other.

I parked myself on one of the ol’ beat up rowboats that sit on the sand to start reading and looked around at my backdrop of Jacmel like damn this place is killer. I took a different way back to the work house than I usually do and talked with a few folks briefly. For dinner we had this unbelievable Kreyol Beef Stew, with a glass of rum of course. Me and one of the other volunteers went back to the beach that night to drink some rum and kick it.

Then on my walk back to my house at night I saw some street goats playing on a staircase, butting heads and jumping from dirt mound to staircase to street to rubble pile, then to the street where two of them squared off for dominance slamming heads pouncing at one another with hooves like ten feet in front of me. The streets were totally empty at this point and the power of the street lights had been shut off and I felt like I was in a post apocalyptic mountain goat habitat. It was wild to watch. Had it really been post apocalyptic I guess I would have speared on to feed my kin but until then it was just fun to watch.

So that was it. Haiti’s awesome. I am actually now posting this two days after the fact. Yesterday and today have been full of stuff to write about as well that I will have to get to another time. Everyone take good care out there and I will see ya soon. Jerry


  1. J,

    As always I look forward to your posts. You have a good eye for things going on around you. But then, you always did have a photographers eye. I had to laugh at the comment you made about spearing the goat. I am glad that your trip is having such a tremendous impact on your life. Take care and I look forward to reading some more of your posts.



  2. I'm curious how you're connecting to the Internet? I'm going to Jacmel next week to set up an office for our newspaper, and I'm looking for an on-line service provider. Do you know who provides the service you use? How good is it?