Monday, December 26, 2011

Ghetto Biennale performance success!

Hello All!

The performance was a huge success and very well received at the Gran Rue in Port-au-Prince. Our performance took place in a courtyard in the center of the Gran Rue neighborhood, we had a great crowd of locals and international visiting artists alike. The performance was followed by a question and answer discussion between the audience and our group.
There were several interesting questions about the use of the loup garou metaphor as it relates to Haitian identity. We plan to have another performance in Jakmel at FOSAJ this Wednesday Dec. 28th at 7 pm.
We will have the opportunity to film this performance.
I will attach photos of our PAP performance in the near future.
We are approaching the end of our campaign and are near our goal of $3000. The remaining money is for stipends for my collaborators and anything left over will go towards Jakmel Ekspresyon Community Arts Center. Please help spread the word, we are so close!

Ivy Jeanne

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