Monday, December 6, 2010

Gran Lakou and Jakmel Ekspresyon-New Art Center in Jakmel, Haiti

Lakou, the queer performing arts troupe is now going by the name of Gran Lakou
and now has a home at the new art center in Jakmel called Jakmel Ekspresyon.

Back in March, several of us were raising funds to bring Lakou to San Francisco
for the Cuba Caribe dance festival.They were not able to obtain
their travel visas so they decided to use the money raised to start
a new art center that would be queer, disabled and women inclusive and free from discrimination. Thus the founding of Jakmel Ekspresyon.

The two-story space has office space, studio space, a community kitchen and the second story is the performance and exhibition space. Some of the new and exciting projects underway at JE include: Gran Lakou's aerobics workshop, World AIDS day awareness event and ongoing photography workshops with children.

Jakmel Ekspresyon and Gran Lakou appreciates any support you have to offer.
For more info please check back here and we will keep you posted when they have a

If you are interested in donating to JE or Gran Lakou you can do so here just make a note of it. Please get in touch if you are interested in putting on a benefit for
these great projects.

Thanks alot!
~Ivy Jeanne

Below are photos of Gran Lakou performing at FOSAJ, Gran Lakou's aerobics workshop and of Jakmel Ekspresyon from Nov 2010:

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  1. I hope you know how extraordinary the work you've done is. Flo would be soproud of you and all the artists.


    Ann McGarrell