Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MESS Update December 2010

I recently returned to Jakmel,Haiti for 10 days and
met up with MESS and was updated on their recent work.
They are still going strong but have fewer members as
school recommenced this fall.

MESS has expanded their work to now include
grant writing and computer skills workshops hosted by a local
multimedia center. They have also started providing domestic violence prevention workshops specifically having men talk to men about domestic violence.
They are in the process of becoming registered with the Haitian government
but are in need of funds to do so. They now have a weekly health focused radio program airing on Radio Express, Jakmel's community radio station. They recently collaborated with students from the University of Chicago to implement a needs survey about education in the Jakmel area.

In the coming months, MESS plans to hold a reflection day retreat with all of their members reflecting on their accomplishments, struggles and their vision of the future
direction of MESS. MESS is still in need of resources to continue their work.

The following is a wishlist from our recent meeting:

Funds for office space ($3000 us estimate)

Legalization/ registration process($75 us)

Mobile clinic costs ($140 us each clinic)

Multilingual Website development

Medical supplies, office supplies

Digital media (Computers, printers, scanners,digital cameras, video projector)

MESS would like to express their deepest gratitude and appreciation
for all of the support they have received this year.

Here is a message I recently received from Jean Damas, MESS committee member,

We are very happy to see how you pay attention to MESS, we don't have word to thank you but We asked god to bless you and your family and everyone who helps MESS, because when you HELP us you Help the population.

The next post will detail our current fundraiser for MESS.
Please forward this far and wide and again we thank you all for your support.

~Ivy Jeanne
Jacmel Working Group

The following are photos of MESS's activites,
the radio program, mobile clinics, computer skills workshop and my recent
meeting with MESS:

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