Monday, December 6, 2010

KOLAJ-New Artist Kolektif helping kids in Jakmel

After the earthquake, my good friend Ambroise Anderson
started making art with children to ease their pain and
grief as well as way to heal himself.He initially started the project by using money he received from Timberland clothing company for using his artwork on Timberland T-shirts. The first project he did was to make kites, called kap in kreyol, with kids. The children first painted on them and then flew them
on the main Plaza in Jakmel, where a tent city was erected after the quake.

These first projects inspired him to start KOLAJ-Kolektif Atis Jakmel, an artist collective. There are a few adult collective members that all facilitate art projects with Jakmel's youth.
On my recent visit to Jakmel, I had the pleasure to see the
KOLAJ expo, a three day event during Fet Gede (Day of the Dead), where they exhibited over 40 sculptures they made with children on a public stairway. They are now looking for a home for the kolektif as they currently only host their workshops outdoors.

You can visit their website at:
to find out more info and how you can support them.
They are always in need of art supplies and funds to continue the project.

Below are pictures of the KOLAJ event:

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