Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beginning to help in Jacmel

We started our volunteer work today here in Jacmel.
First, we went over to Lia Van Der Donk's orphanage
and got to meet and play with all of the high energy kids.
We then hoisted a dozen cribs and other furniture using rope over their balcony.
It was incredible to see their set up, they were donated a couple of
white dome tents from Lia's home country of Holland.

We were then off to help out a nurse and community organizer by the name of
Raisa Boucard, she set up a spirit lifting soccer match in the main plaza in town.
The 2 cheerleaders had no pom poms and they were so sad about it!
So we took action and made them out of pink and blue plastic bags.
We then went to see the game and the cheering cheerleaders!
The game was also to honor a team of Cuban doctors posted here in Jacmel.

We have a lot of leads on future volunteer work including large scale feedings in the mountains and counseling work in the camps. It's been wonderful to be here.
So many old friends and so many brand new ones.
The biggest immediate need I see is money. Folks who we've met up with could use money to buy what they need locally and jumpstart the economy.
I will be setting up a paypal very soon.
So benefits and more fundraising would be wonderful. Many thanks to you all for your love and support.

-Ivy Jeanne

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  1. Hey all - so good to read from you all - keep it up! I wanted to be there with you, so this blog is all i have to live vicariously through...