Friday, February 26, 2010

waffles little update

hi its been awhile since i updated a lot of recent great changes in our involvment here in haiti.i am not able to type fast so this blog thing is very difficult to stay up with.we are now working with an extraordinary project building a birthing center with a group called Bumi Sehat,their mission statement is a little wacky but the work and experience is had to describe.we are still working with MESS and ivy has been doing a fantastic job linking the right people up with one another to create strong working alliances.jerry and i have been building wooden bedframes for woman to give birth out of,we have been swinging hammers for three days its beautiful fullfilling work.we are doing incredible i have more to share if i new how to type faster thanks for all your support and we are activly still tring to fundraise for MESS.

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  1. Hey, it's Mo! I am glad to see y'all are doing so well! You guys are a total inspiration. Let us know if you need more people on the ground, I'd still love to help. :)

    Much love, stay safe, keep updating,