Thursday, February 4, 2010

Preparing to leave for Jacmel, Haiti

I am getting ready to leave for Jacmel, Haiti
for 6 weeks come this Sat morning at 6 AM.
In the Jan. 12th earthquake I lost two dear friends, Flo McGarrell-
director of FOSAJ, a free art school in Jacmel, and Magalie Marcelin-
one of the founders of Haiti's Women's Movement and founder of Kay Fanm (kreyol for Woman House), a domestic violence shelter and additionally a group home for girls who are survivors
of sexual assault. She was also an actress, a lawyer, and an all around bad ass.

I was already planning a trip down to Haiti to work with both Flo and Magalie at their
respective organizations and to work on a documentary about Magalie and Kay Fanm.
I was due to leave Feb. 1st. The devastation in Haiti is so huge,
the loss of Flo and Magalie is as well.

I decided to go down there anyways to help with the relief effort and will be leaving with a couple of South Florida activists, Jerry Gildea of Miami and Waffle of Lake Worth, FL. We are going to meet up with Magalie's surviving daughter, Maile Alphonse in Port au Prince, then onto Jacmel, Haiti where we will begin by volunteering with the Cine' Institute and an orphanage for children with special needs. We were able to gather up some donations to bring with us while
helping out at one of the donation warehouses in Little Haiti in Miami and other donations came in from Lake Worth, FL.

We will be using this blog to keep in touch with our friends, family and beyond.
We will try to update it as often as possible with photos and words.
When it comes up, we will reach out for support in a variety of ways.
Everything and anything helps- money, clothes, toys, medicine, you name it.
I will upload links to the organizations we will be working with in the very near future.
Lots of Love,
Ivy Jeanne


  1. Travel safely my friend and condolences for your loss. It was a huge loss to the Haitian community. My prayers are with you and keep me posted on what you need! Love, Danna

  2. Ivy Jeanne, I hope these words find you well. You've been in my thoughts a lot this month. Sending you so much love from the city that sometimes never ever sleeps. Be well friend!


    or Shakes
    or Whomever

  3. I love you Ivy and I'm proud of you for your persistence in going. I wish you safe travels and courage for the tests i'm sure you'll face. all of my love from portland...xoxoxoxo

  4. It's good to hear from you. I have been thinking about you. I figured you'd go anyway. Just who you are.

  5. Much love to you my friend! I'm sure you will bring some sunshine to all the dolor de vida you will come across.

  6. Ivy, so sorry to hear about your loss. our hearts are with you. well be thinking of you over there. the world is such a better place with you in it. thank you for constantly helping everyone. thank you. you are so strong. love always jen and shell

  7. I love you....and miss you...and wish you a very amazing and productive trip. You will be in my thoughts (as you frequently are) and I wish you much strength. I was looking into going to Haiti this summer and helping in some way... maybe that is something we could talk about soon? Please be safe and keep in touch.

  8. I love you Ivy! Be safe! xoxo Cookie

  9. Ivy, you are an amazing human being and friend. I am so proud of you and wish you the safest journey. just putting this out there for ya, me and the old man are tying the knot next year and i want you to be a bridesmaid (along with Robin & Anandi). I love you!!!!

  10. Ivy, safe travels! You're really demonstrating the depth of power that human love is capable of - it's badass. And inspiring and comforting, especially for those of us who wish that we could be there, too. Let me know if you want to connect with any other people there, my friend is a reporter for Telesur and runs a nonprofit in Haiti.
    lots of love,

  11. I look forward to seeing your film Ivy. I'll keep a shrine up for ya good luck good health come home safe eh!

  12. Ivy, you are the closest thing the world has to a superhero.

  13. Ivy,
    You truly are an amazing human being and I wish you safe travels and strength for what you will encounter. Looking forward to reading the blog, and please keep me posted on where to send donations. Love, Sarah R

  14. Take care down there y'all, I'll be thinkin about ya.

  15. hey IVY!
    lemme know if you need a:
    metal worker


  16. Good luck Ivy! Just ran across this blog through a KLS post and glad to have some sort of contact with you. Very sorry for your loss but proud of you and sending good wishes.


  17. Your actions far exceed what most people can only try or think of attempting. Your one of the only people I know who would go into an obviously difficult and emotionally difficult situation and help those seriously in need. I and Priya have been spreading the word and planning a benefit with your mom in April. So sorry about your loss. stay safe- See you soon-Love-Robert

  18. Dear Ivy, you're incredible. I can't wait to hear all about it.
    love, ruth

  19. The depths of sadness can and will only ever be met by the audacity of the heart to love and care for other human beings. While you endure the tribulations of mother natures carnage, know that your heart grows larger, pumps louder, and becomes more fierce with every life you touch. And when you close your eyes at night, dream not of what lies ahead, but of the happiness that you have left behind. I'm not the praying kind, but I think I should make an exception. My thoughts and love are with you all. Kick some ass guys.

  20. There is no one I've met with a larger heart and arms reach that is always doing so much... To help and to empower and touch every life you encounter.
    All of your friends everywhere send their love your way and hope that you stay safe whereever your travels take you. So sorry for your loss and the worlds loss of those two fine women. I love you and am thinking about you sweet baby.
    All my love,

  21. Hi Ivy - it's Mom - writing to tell you how PROUD I am of you for rebounding from your personal pain and focusing on helping those in great need! Today Good Morning America reported rain in Haiti, causing more problems - I hope you are doing OK. Priya and I are working on a SF benefit for end of April at Thee Parkside. I continue to generate interest in your work through my co-workers, teachers and classmates. Give my love to the people whose lives must seem so dark now. I know your light is helping to ease their agony. Love, Mom