Sunday, February 28, 2010


I never got the chance to say this one thing, before i left for haiti i heard some peoples sentiments that they wouldn't want to aid in haiti because they wouldn't want to be another mouth to feed.Well since the first night arriving here and my time since i have never anywhere witnessed a food or water shortage in haiti.I have witnessed a money shortage, lack of work that predated the earthquake and has deepened since.So there's plenty of food, if you have money to buy it.It feels really good to spend money here ,when i buy food i know that the tiniest little bit of money is moving around town.That being said even on my best day of productive work here i constantly question my role,or if i should be here,or if the project i'm participating with is potentially harmful in ways i dont' yet understand.Sometimes i am reluctant to enter news on this blog because i dont want my thoughts to strongly lead your own thoughts on haiti. My scope of haiti is very narrow ,i only see whats in front of me ,i dont understand what is spoken around me,i feel my way through my days here and if i have an excellent day here in haiti ,it represents me it doesnt mean haiti is doing good.i can say the people of this land are strong ,but we already knew that in its history. today the birthing center started to build wooden walls and they moved some of the beds that we built into the dome clinic.i felt another earthquake here today while i was sitting in a woven chair, its my sixth one that i felt since ive been in haiti.i would encourage people to think twice before donating to doctors without borders in the future because their record here has been pathetic,i know alot of us wanted to love them.hope your well ,waffle

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