Wednesday, February 24, 2010

second turning point

so we had another significant breakthrough day.It came the morning after my personal worst night in haiti. i had given up wanting to help here in haiti because of discouragement, feeling homesick,depression, as well as feeling like my time here is great but i could possibly be more effective at home fundraising for mess as well as getting stuff in my personal life accomplished. Jerry was waking up early to go volunteer at the orphanage and convinced me to go, at this point i only wanted to stay at our house and paint on found metal or read or be alone, but i walked with Jerry across town and we split up and i was to meet him soon at the orphanage. I found Ivy at the library,she was in a meeting with some mess members brainstorming a mental health program they are about to launch in the jacmel area.Ivy looked so comfortable like she has been here doing this for three years.
on my way to the orphanage something happened that completly caught me off guard. A Haitian woman saw me from her house and opened the gate walked out and ask if i spoke english or french? I said english and then in english she said would you come in here and help us? I was shocked because no one yet has asked me for help. it took me a moment to respond.I said sure certainly.It had rained so hard the night before and their tent had leaked in several places.the tent is a huge standard really nice living room tent that the red cross had been handing out a month ago. coleman tents also been hooking it up.Disell was her name and she lived in Queens, New York for 18 years . I didnt understand why her tent leaked but i went around with two other fellas and took the remaining slack out of the ropes connected to the rain fly and dug a small water diverting trench. I was with this family maybe a half hour and it was really fun and at the end i said , "i don't know if that is going to help at all. Disell responded" That doesn't matter you are not a selfish person, we needed help and you stopped and helped us.Then she bought me a tampico juice drink. as i left i wondered how many creole speakers have asked me for help and i had no idea.

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